Clay Schuett:

clay_bpMr. Schuett of the Schuett Law Group has been practicing law for twenty (20) years and moved to the Tampa Bay Area in 1998. Mr. Schuett has been an attorney and a combat officer in the United States Army, an associate at two (2) of the Tampa Bay area’s top business law firms for four (4) years, and opened his own business law practice in 2001. During this time, Mr. Schuett gained extensive experience in business litigation, trying over twenty (20) commercial cases, including two (2) intellectual property cases exceeding $5,000,000.00 in damages, while also reviewing and drafting all types of commercial business agreements, many in the area of intellectual property. In addition, Mr. Schuett has served as outside corporate counsel for well over seventy (70) companies, to include multiple “internet” companies, and has helped these companies successfully and legally operate their businesses. Finally, Mr. Schuett graduated with honors from both Wake Forest University and the University of Miami School of Law and enjoys exercising and playing golf.

As it concerns BP Oil Spill Claims, The Schuett Law Group has been pursuing such claims since the oil spill occurred and dedicated its practice to filing such claims in June 2012. It was at this time that the lawsuit regarding the BP Oil Spill and private parties was settled under the Amended Settlement Agreement, which created the Deepwater Horizon Claims Center (DHCC) and became effective June 4, 2012.  The firm does all of the BP Oil Spill claims in-house, not referring claims to law firms in Louisiana or Texas, as other local law firms do.

The Schuett Law Group’s BP team has nineteen (19) people devoted full-time to nothing but analyzing and filing BP claims, which personnel include two (2) lawyers and five (5) certified public accountants. The firm has filed over five hundred (500) BP claims and has regular communication with the DHCC staff, as the claims center has assigned a dedicated staff liaison to expedite the Schuett Law Group’s communications with the various claims center personnel who evaluate claims for payment under the terms of the 1,136 page settlement agreement. Finally, the Schuett Law Group has filed claims for multiple types of businesses and individuals, from real estate agents to funeral homes to construction companies to law firms, just to name a few. In short, if you had a business open on April 20, 2010, you should see if the business is qualified to receive a payment from the claims center.


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